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A: The first step in this process is to contact the business office of Gadsden Music Co., Inc., via phone or email. During the school year, you will be instructed to give the instrument to your band director with your child’s name clearly marked on the name tag. A representative from GMC will pick up the instrument on his/her next visit to the school. Should you decide to return the instrument at a time when school is not in session, you will need to ship the instrument or bring the instrument to one of our store locations. Be aware that you are responsible for all payments until the instrument is returned to Gadsden Music Co., Inc.

A: Gadsden Music Company will make this process as quick and painless as possible. All of our rentals are subject to credit approval and require each individual to fill out a rental credit application. This application is available online on our website and may be faxed or emailed to GMC. You may also call the business office and give your information by phone. Once your application is approved, we will mail you a rental contract for your instrument of choice. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Once you sign the contract, mail all copies back to GMC along with your down payment amount. When the business office receives your completed paperwork and down payment, we will return your signed copy of the contract by mail and deliver your child’s instrument on our representative’s next scheduled visit to the school.

A: The rental down payment and monthly payment have the taxes included. The accessory prices do NOT have the taxes included. The accessory taxes are calculated when the application is processed and your local tax rate is applied.

A: Because the taxes are not calculated until the application is processed and your local tax rate is applied.

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