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GMC Flute Care Kit

GMC Flute Care Kit

Gadsden Music Company Flute Care Kit


GMC Flute Care Kit


“Thirsty” Flexible Swab
Each time you finish playing, use this swab to remove all moisture and dirt from the bore of the flute. To prevent corrosion of the inside of the instrument and to keep pads from getting wet, disassemble the flute and clean each section thoroughly.

Duster Brush
Use this to remove dust or lint that may collect around posts and springs and under key rods. Use caution in cleaning under the key mechanism to avoid damaging the needle springs or the bumper corks.

Polishing Cloth
After playing, use this cloth to wipe off perspiration and fingerprints. Do NOT use household cleaners which may harm the lacquer finish.

Flute Lube
Apply only when necessary when assembling your instrument.

Key Buff Puff
Use gently on Keys to keep luster and remove fingerprints.

Case I.D. Tag
To help prevent loss.


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