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Rental Returns

Rental Returns

Option 1

Return to Gadsden Music

The quickest way to cancel your contract and return the instrument to us is in one of our THREE Gadsden Music Company locations.

Simply bring the instrument into the store and a Gadsden Music Co. Associate will return the instrument for you!

Option 2

Return to the School

This option requires a little more attention to detail. Simply fill out the form below and attach the RENTAL RETURN form to the instrument case. . Once you have completed the form, leave the instrument with the BAND DIRECTOR* and let him/her know it is a return to Gadsden Music. To insure your instrument will be picked up please call our store and our office staff will tag the instrument in the system to be returned.

Option 3

Ship to Gadsden Music

Your final and least preferred option is to ship the instrument back to our Gadsden location of our company. You can ship via UPS, USPS, FEDEX, or DHL. Simply place the instrument in an appropriate box and ship to our store!