Instrument Rental Program

Woodwind Brass Percussion

The rent to own program at Gadsden Music company is simple and flexible to meet your student's needs as they begin their music experience. There are NO obligations or restrictions during the rent to own period. Rent the instrument for as few or as many months as needed. All payments are applied to the purchase of the instrument.


What can we offer you?

  • 12 Education Representatives that service schools
  • 3 Highly-Qualified Repair Technicians
  • Print Music Specialist
  • Percussion Manager
  • Full Combo Department
  • Shipping and Receiving Department
  • Competitive Bid Pricing
  • A friendly and well-organized office staff
  • A strong reputation established from years of trusted and valued service

Payment Options

  • Free 30-day Trial when using automatic monthly billing.
  • Initial Payment will cover the first 30 days of rental when not using automatic monthly billing.
  • Monthly Payments will start after the initial rental period.
  • Pay with: 
    • Check
    • By Phone
    • Online
    • Automatic draft from checking account or credit card.


FIVE Advantages of Rent to Own Program

  1. Affordable - Manageable monthly payments

  2. Exchange - Change from one instrument to another. The payments from the first instrument will count towards the second instrument.
  3. 30% Discount - Pay off the account early and receive a 30 percent discount off the balance.
  4. Return - Return the instrument for any reason and rental agreement is canceled.
  5. Easy Rental Process - Rent online at your school with an educational representative or at one of our three locations.



Service and Repair

Band Room Service

An educational representative will visit the school on a regular basis. All instruments repaired in the band room will be fixed at no extra cost to our customers. A large percentage of instrument issues can be resolved on our regular visit.

The Repair Shop

Repairs that cannot be fixed in the band room will be brought to the repair shop. Repairs are typically returned within a week. Customer may pay for repairs as they occur or purchase a Repair Agreement. A repair agreement may be purchased for $8 a month or $100 a year on paid off instruments.

How to rent your instrument online:



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Special School Codes

Special School Codes exist for cases where Short Term Rental programs exist such as the Auburn Music Project. These codes are ONLY for those programs and are not allowed for regular customers.  If you are a part of one of these programs and have the code simply enter the code using the link below (under "Select Your Instrument").


Secure Online Rentals

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