Rental Resources

Below are some useful resources for new and existing instrument rental customers.
If you are not an existing rental customer [Click Here].

Rental Repairs 

  • Band Room Service – An educational representative will visit the school on a regular basis.  All instruments repaired in the band room will be fixed at no extra cost to our customers.  A large percentage of instrument issues can be resolved on our weekly visit.

  • The Repair Shop – Repairs that cannot be fixed in the band room will be brought to the repair shop.  Repairs are typically returned within a week.  Customer may pay for repairs as they occur or purchase a repair agreement.  A repair agreement may be purchased for $5 a month.  

Rental Returns

Returns can be brought or shipped into one of our store locations anytime. Preferably the Gadsden Location if you choose to ship the instrument back.

If you choose to return the instrument to the school, you can request a return on-line. Please leave the instrument with the band director and not the front office.



C2B Service

C2B stands for "customer to business". Although not a requirement for rentals, you can link your Gadsden Music Company store account with a account. Once linked you will have the ability to pay most invoices you might have on your store account including:

  • Rental Payments

Please visit the [C2B PAGE] for more information and to submit a request to link your Gadsden Music Company store account.